2019 Quarterly Review

Third Quarter Review

Our transition to IPC Securities, which began in May 2014, has offered a host of opportunities. As well as a broader choice of investment and reporting options, we gained access to technology that has changed the way we do business. Efficiencies such as digital storage and transaction speed have morphed our administration and melded perfectly (albeit unknowingly) with the timing of the retirement of both planners and staff over the past few years.

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Second Quarter Review

The second quarter of 2019 had a little bit of everything. After a bleak month of May, markets found their forward momentum once again and finished the quarter in the black. The most popular explanations for dips through a rickety few months included trade wars and interest rates. Toward the end of the quarter, there were additional concerns as the Iranian regime exchanged bombastic rhetoric with the U.S. administration.

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First Quarter Review

It seems like only yesterday we were taking down stockings and devouring the last drops of eggnog. For anybody who was paying attention to the stock market in December those last drops may have been infused with rum. 2018 ended on a very sour note with wild swings in financial markets driven by fear of higher interest rates. There was a U.S. government shutdown that carried into 2019.

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